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The Francophone helpline for women dealing with violence

Fem’aide, a provincial telephone helpline for Francophone women dealing with violence, has benefited the French Community in Ontario since 2006. This initiative, funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS), allows access to French language services by women throughout the province, in their own regions, by dialling a single phone number from anywhere in Ontario. Fem’aide is collectively managed by several organizations as follows : Maison d’amitié and the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre jointly support women in Eastern Ontario, Centre Victoria pour femmes de Sudbury supports women in Northern Ontario, and Oasis Centre des femmes de Toronto supports women in the Southern Ontario.


Fem’aide offers French-speaking women who have experienced gender-based violence, support, information and referral to appropriate front-line services within their communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fem’aide can also respond to requests for information made by family and friends of women who are victims of violence. The helpline’s main focus is to assist women who have experienced violence in an intimate relationship and women who have been sexually assaulted. Fem’aide uses a feminist approach empowering women to identify their own needs and to make their own informed decisions.

Principles and Values

Fem’aide adheres to the following values and principles in all of its activities and services:

  • Provides non-judgemental, high quality intervention that is grounded in a feminist framework of violence against women.
  • Offers services that integrate an anti-oppression analysis.
  • Offers French language services that recognize the regional and ethnocultural diversity of the Francophone community in Ontario.
  • Maintains integration of Fem’aide services within the continuum of French language services.
  • Refers Francophone women to French Language Services whenever possible.
  • Advocates equality and accessibility to French Language Services regardless of location within Ontario.
  • Partners with other service providers that offer services for prevention of violence against women and with other organizations that serve the Francophone community.

Approach and Philosophy

The feminist approach recognizes violence against women as a social problem rooted in the power inequality between men and women, in both social and private spheres of life. Feminist intervention also incorporates an analysis of cultural and social inequalities amongst women, supports women in their pursuits and looks to achieve social change. The underlying values of the feminist approach are equality, justice, respect, integrity, transparency and the sharing of information. Feminist intervention is a « way of being » that facilitates autonomy, openness, trust and mutual respect.

Intervention and Community Networking

Fem’aide is one part of a continuum of services. Fem’aide supports existing French language services whenever they are available. Fem’aide serves as an entry point to other services.

Availability of French language services and access to them vary widely in different regions and communities throughout Ontario. Fem’aide workers take this reality into account and do provide support to callers who do not have access to local French resources. Callers to the helpline can expect that Fem’aide workers will listen, provide support and help them create a safety plan.

In order to ensure that French-speaking women have access to the services they need, Fem’aide networks with other service providers in the field of violence against women and with other Francophone community organizations.

Fem’aide is made possible through funding from the Ontario Government and the Trillium Foundation of Ontario, and the support of the Ontario Francophone community.

For services in English or other languages, call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline
1-866-863-0511 – TTY 1-866-863-7868

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MISE EN GARDE : C’est au moment où la relation de couple prend fin que le risque de violence mortelle est le plus élevé pour les femmes victimes de violence. Si vous êtes en danger immédiat, appelez la police. Pour obtenir de l’aide ou établir un plan de sécurité, communiquez avec Fem’aide par téléphone ou SMS au 1-877-336-2433 ou par clavardage.